Prantae Solutions Pvt Ltd (OPC)

Manufacturing and Commercialization of Urine Microalbumin Measurement System Proflo-U®

It is an inventive and innovative technology. It is non- invasive method where an early biomarker for CKD from the urine specimen. The process has lab in cuvette where the sensing mechanism is fluorescence. The fluorescence is analyzed by a palm size reader with optimized optical and electronic system. The optical intensity is converted into concentration of the biomarker (urine albumin) through a smart phone interface based on the standard curve fed in the backend, generated through 1000+ data points collected with the system.

Primary Healthtech Pvt Ltd

Mobilab - Affordable IOT Enabled Smart Multi Diagnostic device for chronic diseases detection

Nanotechnology principles have been used for antibody conjugation to improve Sensitivity of detection for better accuracy, Reduced steps of detection and improved Kinetics to reduce testing time. Detection of biomarkers have been done using colorimetry principles using Beer Lambert’s Law where concentration is correlated to absorbance. We are also working on a microfluidics system to simultaneously detect various biomarkers with a drop of blood. Reader device internal arrangement and optical detection part has been patented which not only gives the compact size but also significantly reduces the cost of the device. Electronics part is optimized such that reader device requires ultra-low power and is driven using proprietary firmware. 

Purplas IT Services Pvt Ltd

Real-Time Object Recognition in Ultrasound Video for Detection And Censoring of Foetal Genitals

The entire project aims to develop a market ready Artificial Intelligence based object recognition software capable of working real-time on live USG video hardware prototype s capable of running the software. The AI software will be developed to detect and blur foetal genitalia and other features if any to render any USG machine embedded with the same incapable of use for pre-natal sex determination. This tech is referred as “SecureSound”

Heilen Medtech Pvt Ltd

Accurate Point-of-Care Quantification of Serum Creatine Kinase, Human Serum Albumin and KIM-1 for Easy and Rapid Diagnosis of Acute Kidney Injury

Heilen Meditech is developing an accurate Point-of-Care Quantification of Serum Creatine Kinase, Human Serum Albumin and KIM-1 for Easy and Rapid Diagnosis of AKI. The team has already developed two different sensors for easy, rapid, selective and quantitative detection of CK and HSA. These probes can accurately detect and quantify CK and HSA levels from a minimum amount of body fluids, like serum and urine etc. within a short interval of time.

Krakel Healthcare Pvt Ltd

A Non-Invasive POC Device and Respiratory Diseases Diagnostic Platform

The focused approach of this unique invention is to create a non-invasive portable gadget that could record lung sounds and send them over Bluetooth to a PC or tablet. The data collected Log scaled Mel-Frequency Spectral LMFS and delta characteristics are fed into Convoluted neural networks and Deep neural networks models to categorize Abnormal or Normal Lung sounds. Different models with multiple extracted features are explored and iterated until they perform at the level of a pulmonologist. The Model classifies a Lung sound Input as Crackles, Wheezes, or Normal lung sounds that suggest the existence of Pneumonia, Asthma, or another respiratory condition.