Precision Agriculture

Tan90 Thermal Solutions Pvt Ltd

Portable Cold Storages with Proprietary Phase Change Material for Cold Supply Chain

This invention focused on portable cold storage capacity of 58 liters that are run by proprietary thermal batteries. As compared to other solutions available in the market, the proposed thermal batteries can be charged twice as fast, resulting in giving our users a faster turnaround time. Since, each of the boxes have self-standing cooling solutions, they can be stacked on top of each other and any logistics services can be used for transporting temperature-sensitive perishables. It can be a two-wheeler, three-wheelers or even scaled up in trucks. This negates the need for refrigerated trucks and reduces the operational costs by 32. In order to further increase the shelf life of the perishables, Tan 90 is introducing a hydantoin based anti-microbial polymers that can increase the lifetime of the perishables without a cold solution. This will further decrease the operational costs involved.

Flixdrop Technology Pvt Ltd

CHMS: Cattle Health Monitoring Solution

Smart collar – IOT based cattle health tracking and insight generation regarding cattle health. Thereby taking right decision like on time insemination, Vet consultation to increase milk yield per animal. The ecosystem platform enables smoother communication of marginal farmers with Insemination Specialist, Doctors, Nutritionist etc. A highly affordable device matching global accuracy of Precision Cattle Farming domain. CHMS uses a multi-metric analysis on each individual cows behaviour enabling more accurate and timely heat detection

Balasore Agro Pvt Ltd

Innovative Multi-crop seed drill for sowing during the cultivation for small & Marginal Farmer

Balasore agro private limited is developing a Single row multicrop seed drill (a seed sowing machine) for groundnuts, maize & dal seeds to sow in crop field. This Single row multicrop seed drill machine helps to keep seeds in a line & proper space which leads to higher yield. This machine will help those farmers who sow seeds by hand scattering resulting improper space between seeds ultimately leads to lower yield & financial loss. The user friendly seed drill costs INR 6000 – 7000 which perfectly targets the marginal farmers.

Droaerody Pvt Ltd

Krishi PS-1925® - Drone for Climate-Smart Agriculture and Precision Spraying

Our objective is to develop a standardized drone (aerial applicator) based on optimal pesticide dispersal system parameters (based on experimentation and calibration of the designed aerial application equipment) capable of precision spraying and which can reduce drift and off-target drift movement, incorporating the effects induced by dynamic surface tension, extensional viscosity, shear viscosity, temperature inversion, optimum time to make an aerial application, optimum airspeed combined with pump output pressure for larger droplet diameter, and external factors that affect spray droplet size and drift based on American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers standard. We will incorporate variable-rate pesticide application via aerial applicator for precision spraying that will incorporate ICT technologies based on AI. Calibration of the designed aerial application equipment) capable of precision spraying and which can reduce drift and off-target drift movement.

Terracroft Agritech Pvt Ltd

krishiBOT- A smart Agriculture robot

We are developing krishiBOT, a battery-operated, Intelligent workforce for efficient farming. It features precision mechanisms for 1. Seed Sowing, 2. Fertilizer application, 3. De-weeding. Krishi BOT will reduce the dependency on labour and make farms efficient by optimizing resources and improving crop productivity. Krishi BOT sows and covers every single seed at the targeted position, allowing uniform and optimal sowing densities. After the seed is sown, krishiBOT will also cover the seed and compact the seed as this is a crucial task. It applies optimized amount of fertiliser and protection to every crop. Using CV and ML, krishiBOT enables weed identification, isolation and apply corrective measures.

Jal Jaivik Pvt Ltd

Blockchain Technologies based Farm Management System

Our purpose is to transform traditional animal farming into ‘state of the art’ digitising animal agriculture with Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) technologies, specifically biometric sensors, big data, and blockchain technology. Biometric sensors include either noninvasive or invasive sensors that monitor an individual animal’s health and behaviour in real time, allowing farmers to integrate this data for population-level analyses. Real-time information from biometric sensors is processed and integrated using big data analytics systems that rely on statistical algorithms to sort through large, complex data sets to provide farmers with relevant trending patterns and decision-making tools. Sensors enabled blockchain technology affords secure and guaranteed traceability of animal products from farm to table, a key advantage in monitoring disease outbreaks and preventing related economic losses and food-related health pandemics.

GR Agritek Labs Pvt Ltd

Management of Crop Diseases via Drone Assisted Detection of Pheromones and Kairomones in a Cotton Farming Land

The proposed technology focuses on the development of a crop disease management system  using a drone assisted  simple, selective yet quantitative detection of various Pheromones and  Kairomones during pest infestation in cotton farms. Further the drones with nanosensors are capable of detecting the level of infestation based on the collected data analysis and software mapping. Based on the data and infestation level, the drone could apply the exact required amount of pesticide/fungicide/bactericide to the infected area  of the infested cotton farm by  spraying method. This technology is also targeted to eliminate the use of human labour and therefore the dangers of exposure to harmful pesticides/fungicides/bactericides is totally prevented saving lives of farmer community.

Upsoil Technologies (OPC) Pvt Ltd

Soilscope: Point-of-Use rapid nutrients testing and soil health analyser

The objective of Soilscope is to measure nutrient content a range of chemical elements such as N, P, K, Ca, S, Mg as well as other properties such as pH, Conductivity, Moisture content, Temperature of soil. Most of the chemical elements and pH can be detected from the microfluidic sensor through spectroscopy. While conductivity, moisture content can be measured using a dual metal oxide conductive probe. Soil pen improves productivity, minimizes cost incurred on land preparation and nutrient substitute which directly improves the profitability of each farmer.

Bariflo Labs Pvt Ltd

Intelligent waterbody management system for water body rejuvenation and inland shrimp aquaculture

The invention discloses an intelligent maneuvering hypolimnetic aerator with an internet of things monitoring system that can autonomously navigate to different coordinates and aerate the hypolimnetic region of a water body to improve dissolved oxygen demand (DO) and thus maintain water quality standards.. The data so transmitted can be used to rebuild a 3D image of the bathymetry, temperature distribution, DO distribution, and ORP distribution of the waterbody. Furthermore, the aeration system oscillates vertically in a sinusoidal way, resulting in the generation of standing waves horizontally, resulting in wave propagation to transmit DO farther from the device position and It also improves mixing at the sediment-water interface, allowing DO to penetrate into the sediment.

Kheti Key Edaphon Pvt Ltd

Smart Farming :IoT based Integrated Crop Management System to ensure Food Security.

An Integrated crop Management system is proposed here, which will help identify the : (a.) Composition of Soil (b.) Determine the Nutrients and pH value (c.) Determine temperature, pH and nutrient value of water (d.) Combined effect of weather , and (e.) Market value of crops in recent past; and hence will provide the following recommendations: (i) For best suitable crop on the basis of crop yield and market value (ii) For proper nutrient enriching (iii) All the round monitoring of all the parameters, as per selected crop” Soil serves as a medium of prime importance for the sustained growth of plants and the overall quality of the crop. This fact necessitates the need for periodic and accurate monitoring of soil quality. It can be done in various ways including knowledge about standing crops on the land, analyzing the nutrients, the composition of the soil, etc. Quality assessment regarding the presence of essential nutrients viz., N, P, K, Ca, Mg and S (macronutrients) and Fe, Zn, Cu, Mo, Mn, and B (micronutrients) is done through standard lab testing facilities, available in portable as well as elaborative form. Apart from this, there is an immense need to assess the capacity of soil to supply nutrients in plant-available form as well, for the carrying out exact study to check the correlation of nutrients extracted and their plant availability.