Digital HealthTech Accelerator Program

A Remarkable Start to the Digital HealthTech Accelerator Program

About The Program

Centre of Excellence at KIIT Technology Business Incubator set in motion a transformative journey by kickstarting the Digital Healthtech Accelerator program. In our pursuit of fostering innovation and driving change in the healthcare sector, we were inundated with applications from promising startups across India. After a rigorous selection process, we handpicked 30 outstanding startups to be part of this extraordinary accelerator program. During this intensive program, these startups were provided with invaluable mentorship and guidance from experts in the field. Topics ranged from healthcare product development and design thinking to point-of-care diagnostics using biosensors. The goal was to equip these startups with the knowledge and skills needed to take their innovations to the next level.

Who can Apply

  • Health Consultants
  • Entrepreneurs& Innovators
  • Scientists & researchers
  • Scholars &  students

KIIT Technology Business Incubator (TBI) Centre of Excellence recently hosted a Demo Day in collaboration with prominent investors like Special Invest, Anthill Ventures, Real-Time Angel Fund, Dexter Capital & Weh Ventures showcasing groundbreaking innovations in the field of HealthTech. This event, held on December 28th, 2023, marked a significant milestone in our commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and driving advancements in healthcare technology.The Demo Day brought together a dynamic mix of entrepreneurs, industry experts, and investors eager to explore the next frontier of health tech innovation. The event featured presentations from promising startups across India highlighting their transformative solutions and addressing pressing challenges in the healthcare landscape.